Article to Assembly

With the release of the article, “Korea, Democracy or Autocracy”, more and more talks begin on the idea of forming a National Assembly and democratizing somewhat of the country, while it is reported the President, PM, and DPM won’t be elected, a elected congressional body, aka the National Assembly, will be formed as a way to voice the people. Not much is known about the National Assembly, but hopes that it will be a fully democratic body with the ability to have checks and balances with the President and court system is a much wanted by reportedly, many people.


Korea, Democracy or Autocracy?

Seoul: When you think of ROBLOX South Korea, what do you think?  Park Chung-Hee and corruption? Warmongering toward the neighbors? Autocratic rule against the people? A military regime? or even a shining light of democratic values? Does any of these questions come to mind when thinking of the Korean Republic, or perhaps ones you are now debating over. It all comes down to a investigation of the government of Korea.

In all looks, Korea looks like an autocratic nation; the Liberty Party maintains a absolute majority, a military dictator, and state ran media heavily promoting the Liberty Party’s ideals.  While minority party, the Democratic Party,  looks to control non-state run media like Munhwa Broadcasting, and push for leftist ideals against the Liberty’s more far right idealistic that the party presents. A under look into the government reveals something, almost everyone is part of the Liberty Party in the government,  though you do see people like Sung Tae-Won, Deputy Prime Minister leading the Democrats trying to fight for relevance in the political arena of Korea.

What exactly is the Liberty Party? Ran by the Prime Minister, is a right wing party focused more on far-right ideals and often pushes for a far right agenda containing more on war as evidence in recent skirmishes across the border and with the rest of Asia. Though itself is against President Park Chung-Hee, many say it is not a better option toward change of the nation.

Look at the other end, the Democratic Party; ran by Sung Tae-Won, the minority party pushing for peace with its neighbors, rebuild relations between it and the North to end tensions by both sides, and pushing for lower tensions with ASEAN and China, often overshadowed by the Liberty Party, often pushing for more economic growth and introducing more ROBLOX companies into Korea, and build up for companies to come out of Korea. As well as reforms to the military from offensive to a defensive military.


This article was drafted by Senior and Low-Level Reporters.

Presidential Absence

SEOUL: President Park Chung-Hee takes leave Friday for a week vacation, the president is known for these absences to vacations, and this one is one of the longest vacation taken yet by the president. As the president departs, he says he will monitor activity right from computers and mobile devices, though some are skeptical, others look upon it as a way for the government to appear functioning still without the president. As it looks for now, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister will temporarily lead the country during his absence.

During his departure, on the Korean discord, civilians and President Park, began tension as he stated “I do not want to go” and people questioning why he must go on vacation and not focus on the Korean Republic. During which he is reported to say, “I don’t see you helping activity in the nation”,  many hope that when he returns from vacation tensions can be lowered and the country can be returned to work.