Presidential Absence

SEOUL: President Park Chung-Hee takes leave Friday for a week vacation, the president is known for these absences to vacations, and this one is one of the longest vacation taken yet by the president. As the president departs, he says he will monitor activity right from computers and mobile devices, though some are skeptical, others look upon it as a way for the government to appear functioning still without the president. As it looks for now, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister will temporarily lead the country during his absence.

During his departure, on the Korean discord, civilians and President Park, began tension as he stated “I do not want to go” and people questioning why he must go on vacation and not focus on the Korean Republic. During which he is reported to say, “I don’t see you helping activity in the nation”, ┬ámany hope that when he returns from vacation tensions can be lowered and the country can be returned to work.